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Plume Feather
Plume Feather
Agriculturist turned author... or maybe the other way around


Gold Buttons
Historic map of the United States with overland route from the east coast to California during the Goldrush.
My Story

I grew up in Durango, Colorado, and graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelor’s degree in housing and interior environment. Along with my parents, and my siblings and their families, my family and I participate in a multi-generational family agricultural business in Durango. 


I am passionate about curiosity, the culture of the American West, horticulture, history research and pie. Our daughters are my pride and joy, their lives a testament to many of the Code of the West axioms that I use in my stories. 


My stories are built around strong female protagonists, honorable male protagonists, actual historical events and the celebration of the common man’s ability to use courage and grit to rise above everyday circumstances.

Plume Feather 2
Plume Feather 2

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Plume Feather 2
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